How long has Motives been in the marketplace?

Motives by Loren Ridinger was launched in 2009. Prior to then, Motives Cosmetics was in existence, but it was a completely different collection paired with a much different branding initiative. Encourage people who have heard of the line but haven’t tried it since the re-branding to experience the new collection. It’s a true compilation of nothing but the crème de la crème of cosmetics, sourced out from over a dozen different manufacturers to ensure that we always stay on trend with the latest developments in beauty and fashion.

When was Motives for La La created?

Loren Ridinger was introduced to La La Anthony through a mutual friend and quickly realized they shared a passion for beauty, fashion and entrepreneurism. They joined forces to further collaborate on how they could positively impact the marketplace of consumers as well as entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Since La La had always dreamt of having her own cosmetic line, Loren viewed it as an opportunity to help bring this passion into fruition, all while being able to accommodate an entirely new market of consumers by offering “Beauty in Every Shade.” So in 2012 Motives for La La was launched bringing existing clients an exciting new palette of color and, of course, attracting more people than ever before to try Motives by Loren Ridinger and Motives for La La. Since then, the media has embraced both Loren and La La as not only trend-setters, but powerhouse businesswomen in the industry empowering others to pursue their passion of making people look and feel great all while creating a lifestyle most only dream about.

What are the benefits to working with Motives Cosmetics vs. Other Leading Brands?

First and foremost, our business plan! We offer aspiring Beauty Entrepreneurs the ability to expand distribution and build a solid team, earning 100% commissionable credit, to infinity (no percentages or levels) in addition to their immediate retail profit. No other company offers the compensation plan we do. In essence, our team of Beauty Advisors / UnFranchise Owners are our marketing mouthpiece. Instead of spending millions of dollars on traditional (theoretical) forms of advertising, our corporate company pays us on the back end (for a result!) It’s such an efficient, effective and lucrative concept.

In addition, we are not a manufacturer, but rather a product broker and an internet marketing company. Since we do not create / manufacture any of our own products, we can truly move with the market place and always offer the best of the best products (in each specific category). With our combine buying power of Beauty Advisors and our customers, we can hand select the creme de la creme of product from manufacturers who prioritize their budget on research and development of an amazing, science-based product that delivers true results. As such, we never feel as though we are ‘pushing’ a product on our customers because we have all of the R&D (research and development) costs tied up in creating the product. Rather, we can offer our clients / preferred customers the best product in the marketplace, at a competitive price and save them not only money.. but time!

Lastly, we have the ability to tap into 12 other billion-dollar markets since Motives is just one division of a larger product brokerage company, Market America. This allows us to better service our clients by offering them other products (that they already spend money on and prioritize) across from complimentary markets, again saving them time and money and the hassle of trying every product in the marketplace. We wouldn’t offer it if it wasn’t the best in class, as we don't manufacture anything!

As a perk or a benefit of working with Motives Cosmetics, Beauty Advisors have access to thousands of other exclusive, high-end products in these complimentary industries (such as skincare, anti-aging, health & wellness, etc.) This allows us to build share of customer (earn additional retail profit as well as commissionable credit.) It also enhances our exclusivity and ability to service our customers as much as we possibly can. We pride ourselves on offering that personal touch / 1 to 1 marketing when providing solutions to our customers.

Why doesn’t Motives sell samples or refills?

Since the re-branding efforts with Motives, we’ve embraced products from manufacturers that truly offer the best of the best. In order to properly represent the product, we feel packaging/appearance is relevant as well as quality control (which is harder to maintain when creating various sizes using different packaging). In addition, we feel it’s best for potential customers to have the personal touch behind the trial experience (i.e. Beauty Advisor) and highly encourage UnFranchise Owners to offer their clients an experience in trying the product, not simply giving something away.

How do I fill my customizable palettes?

All empty palettes come with magnets that you can peel and stick to the bottom. So, when you purchase the products/colors you wish to use to fill the palette, simply turn upside down and pop out into your hand. The metal pans the products are in are magnetic so you can simply place them into your empty palette with magnets and you’re all set.

How do I fill my Motives professional display?

There is a diagram available (under Motives downloads) of how we choose to display the products in the Professional Display Case (25092) at events, but we leave it up to you to arrange your product how you feel appropriate.

How do I fill my Motives Pro-Color Kit?

Your kit should come with a diagram on the suggested way to fill your Pro-Color Palette. However, with all of the new shades always being introduced, it’s up to you to determine which shades you would like to place where. You will have to take each individually packaged shadow and pop out the individual pan inside. We recommend you also peel off the label/color sticker on the pack of the individual shadow case and apply directly to the bottom of the metal shadow. Then place in your Pro-Color kit so that if the shadows ever fall out, or you want to re-arrange, you still know the name of each individual shade.

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