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Motives & Me

Do you want to be involved with one of the hottest cosmetic lines in the country and set your own hours and earn money while having fun? Join a winning team! Become a part of the Motives & Me Teen Program. Motives & Me is easy to get involved in. We’ll put in touch with a Motives Beauty Advisor (if you don’t already of one) who will teach you what you need to know!

Earning money is as easy as showing your favorite glam products to all your friends, and you get paid every time your friends buy products from YOUR website or in person! Earn as much as you want while having fund and sharing makeup with friends.

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Motives Pro-Artist

Motives Pro-Artist Program is for makeup artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, Nail technicians, costume designers, models, on-air talent/performers, and photographers.

The Motives Pro-Artist Program combines your skills with the Motives Cosmetics and its skincare lines - offering innovated, customized and award-winning products to start you on the path to financial freedom.

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Motives Beauty Advisor

As business owners, we have the ability to own a ‘franchise’ through Motives, therefore having the ability to purchase at a distributor cost and sell at retail, earning the retail profit margin. This is a no brainer for someone aspiring to freelance as a MUA, as they can simply collect additional income simply by offering their existing clients a way to purchase the product they are using in their kit after the client loves their look and wants to re-create!

In addition, if you are interested in expanding distribution and partnering with additional accounts, you can also earn commission on all product sold through not only you, individually, but also along with any other additional outlets of distribution we lead to (another MUA, salon, etc.) We all share 100% commissionable credit (no percentages or levels - as we are not a MLM pay structure). Whomever made the sale earns the retail profit, but as a team we all get commissioned on all sales throughout our organization.

Once you get your distributorship set up so you can access all product at wholesale and earn retail profit. This can happen immediatley after investing in any of the kits, as everything is done online and we have instantaneous access to getting accounts set up.

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