Tools of the Trade

Have you ever wondered whether or not finding a quality make-up brush makes a difference? If so, you are not alone, but the answer is YES!

Makeup is a form of art; your face your canvas and brushes your tools to creating your masterpiece.  Using high quality tools / brushes when applying make-up is absolutely essential to providing a flawless look.

As such, prioritizing high-end cosmetics in your collection doesn’t mean much if you aren’t applying them with the proper tools. Using the correct brush can absolutely be the difference between a “flawless” finish and simply looking "messy."

Motives is proud to offer an amazing variety of high-quality brushes that will make your job, as the artist, simple and provide you with your desired results.

Master the art of makeup with this specialized collection, presented in a beautifully crafted zippered pouch with additional pockets to insert your core brushes. From the shapes and angles, to the high-quality, 100% synthetic materials, this set is designed with the elite makeup artist in mind. With versatile face and eye brushes, create the looks you’ve always imagined. Let your beauty be your inspiration.  Includes Powder, Sculpter, Contour, Fan, Sweeping Contour, Blush, Concealer, Large Eye Shadow, Blender, Smudger, Eye Contour, Crease, Angled Liner/Brow, Spoolie, and Brow Groomer.  Check out the brushes here!

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